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Allow me boldness to reassure my small handful of readers that, despite a hiatus, I have not abandoned this project to share with you the thoughts of my life. In the jumbled mess that is my mind, I find it difficult to organize things; I seek a balance between spontaneously expressing myself in a right-brained fashion and presenting you a left-brained, logical progression thought. If I fail in this, which I often may, I apologize and hope you bear with me.

Today I wish to expand on what I wrote in a previous post, Chapel of the Heart. The meditations of my own have been centered that post’s thrust, which was merely that the new temple of God is the heart of the Christian, and it is there that I and we must be truly seek him. I am lately obsessed with the interior life; I am not well-read enough in its subject to offer a definition, but I am endeavoring presently to change that.

I do want to offer a working definition of what I call interiority: ‘a life characterized by a pursuit of what is inward.’ (more…)