The Author

I have been for the longest time putting off writing publicly, out in the open, for all the world to see. On a whim, I decided to just do it, just start talking out loud. I at first wanted to have some form or structure, a point even, but decided that that would be to stifling and, in the end, even a bit untruthful. So I opted instead to simply be me, unvarnished, open, consolidated and uncompartmentalized.

In this blog you will get the sacred and the secular, the private and public – jeremiads and soliloquies.

Who am I? Good question! Unless you know me already, call me R.A. I’m developing a deeper love affair with the Trinity. I’m husband to a wonderful wife since 2007. I’m an aspiring non-fiction writer. I’m generally considered a smart guy; I like to think deeply and profoundly about abstract things, I’m fascinated by ideas, and I always look for ways to do things better. I’m also deeply flawed, quite the sinner sometimes, have a general impatience and I border on a vanity that can manifest, at times, as false humility. I’m working on it.

I believe we all have callings on our life. I would say mine is to be a redeemer. My name literally means in Latin “of a king”. Typically I have understood it to mean that I am of a king, who would be King Jesus. However now I understand it in a better grammatical and purposeful sense – I describe things in relationship to the king. I am meant to be a redeemer, making things that were not of the king, “of the King”. I’m working this out, without enough fear and trembling.

Lastly I will say I would enjoy – rather, I deeply desire – your comments, your suggestions, to hear what you have to say. Comment, email me ( and let me know what you think. Share with me and I will share with you, as I desire us all to mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.


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