Christmas time is here again, and the cynic in me can’t help but lament how we chose to kick things off. The way one begins things often determines how you finish it. Christmas is, ostensibly, about giving gifts to each other to mirror the gift that God gave. But does our Christmas day gift-giving to one another truly do justice to God’s idea of what it means to give a gift?

Juxtaposing Black Friday and Good Friday led me to some thoughts on this question, and I would love to hear yours so comment away. Now I know, I’m jumping ahead seasons, but if you’re in the liturgical calendar it’s all leading up to Good Friday anyway so we might as well follow the trail. Read the rest of this entry »


In case you didn’t know, Colbert was allowed to run open his new SuperPAC and is currently accepting donations. In essence Colbert SuperPAC can raise and spend unlimited funds without disclosure on elections across the country in the 2012 cycle. I didn’t start writing this just to share the story though. I started writing this post because I got very… seriously… PO’ed at the media and election laws in America. But don’t worry, the post ends on a light note. Read the rest of this entry »

Allow me boldness to reassure my small handful of readers that, despite a hiatus, I have not abandoned this project to share with you the thoughts of my life. In the jumbled mess that is my mind, I find it difficult to organize things; I seek a balance between spontaneously expressing myself in a right-brained fashion and presenting you a left-brained, logical progression thought. If I fail in this, which I often may, I apologize and hope you bear with me.

Today I wish to expand on what I wrote in a previous post, Chapel of the Heart. The meditations of my own have been centered that post’s thrust, which was merely that the new temple of God is the heart of the Christian, and it is there that I and we must be truly seek him. I am lately obsessed with the interior life; I am not well-read enough in its subject to offer a definition, but I am endeavoring presently to change that.

I do want to offer a working definition of what I call interiority: ‘a life characterized by a pursuit of what is inward.’ Read the rest of this entry »

Often I talk about being a ‘demi-Catholic’, so it may not surprise you that I was excited to find a small chapel at the Catholic bookstore across the street from my work. It took a few weeks, but I finally started to develop a habit of going over to spend time alone with God. Pope Benedict in all his cardboard-cut-out glory greets me at the door, and I slip into the chapel. In its silence, dotted as it was with other seekers of God’s presence, I felt peace. Away from the noise, the busyness and pressure of the world, at the only place that mattered and to hear the only One who matters.

A thought struck me (not my own of course but one from God). I realized that seeking God’s presence in a chapel or church is too small a thing. Why? Because the kingdom of God is in us.

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“One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.” Psalm of David

Tonight many of us will go to services to worship and hear about the saving message of the cross: that God incarnated, walked among us, taught us, loved us, and died a horrible death to purchase for us a way to God, a relationship with God. I wanted to share today about another thing I have contemplated on the cross, specifically its messages of inclusion, freedom and otherworldliness.

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Remember that scene in Star Wars where the Empire’s generals are discussing how to best use their new Death Star against the Alliance? A certain general gets very cheeky with Vader, calling his allegiance to the ‘religion’ of the Force as rubbish when compared to the power of the Death Star. I love the follow up – Vader performs a Force-grip on his throat, and says one of the best lines of the film – ” I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

What could this possibly have to do with Jesus, you ask? Though he would no doubt disagree with how Vader’s methods, Jesus, I believe, would surely have agreed with the sentiment. Jesus too finds your lack of faith disturbing.

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